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Arcadian Lighting 120% Price Guarantee

Thank you for shopping at Arcadian Lighting. We keep our best effort to make sure you get the lights at the most competitive prices. In an unlikely event that you find our competitors offering the same product with the same lead time, but at a lower cost, please let us know by filling out the following form. We offer a 120% price guarantee policy**

To help us assist you better, please include product options in the "Message" field if applicable.


**Arcadian Lighting offers a 120% price guarantee policy. If you find an item at a lower price elsewhere online (after shipping & handling charges) with the same or shorter lead time, before your purchase, bring it to our attention with your price quotation and seller's information. We will match 120% of the price difference on the same exact item from any online retail store, upon verification. When determining the price difference, Arcadian Lighting prices shall include promotional discounts if applicable. Offer is only applicable to seller's in-stock items, and excludes large oversize / truck-load size items, items that will sell at below Arcadian Lighting's cost after accounting for the 120% price difference, and orders less than $99. Due to the time required to verify and process price-match requests, we can only price-match once per order.